Company Profile

Electrical Developments is a trusted name within the realm of electrical contractors in Auckland. Working in New Zealand, England and South Africa since 1980, Neil Wallace has proved successful offering quality electrical and project management workmanship in an extremely broad range of industries.  His experience and expertise includes major residential, commercial, corporate, industrial, air conditioning, and communications systems.

With over 30 years of experience behind him, Neil Wallace established Electrical Developments in 2011 and is quickly proving to be one of Auckland's most reputable electrical contracting and servicing companies in the Central Auckland area. Maintaining a corporate philosophy dedicated to outstanding customer service and high quality workmanship, Neil's high work ethic developed by taking on a variety of roles over the years.  Embracing opportunities to learn, his career path has also included Senior Project Management roles in various production companies, primarily in the FMCG markets. Supporting his desire to expand, he completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Operation Management.The systems utilised and put into place by Neil ensures that his project management of electrical assignments is accurate, timely and efficient.

Above all, Neil's mission is to provide a service to the Auckland community that ensures the work is completed on time, is provided at a cost-effective price, and is delivered with a level of customer service that is unmatched in the industry.

Electrical Developments adds value by incorporating many refined skills.

  • Utilising developed and proven project management tools.
  • Is able to complete due diligence to determine suitability of new premises.
  • Interface between process floor requirements and designers/programmers.
  • Understand the design process and the requirements of the end user.
  • Can conceptualise and envisage how a process will look and feel.
  • Demonstrates a high level of mechanical aptitude.
  • Interacts well cross all trade and service groups.
  • Understands costing models, stock and inventory management.
  • Proficient in Change management.
  • Provides and seeks feedback.
  • Can identify areas to improve processes.
  • Understands safety requirements and protocols.
  • Can manage staff including the recruiting and dismissal process.
  • Verbal and written communication competency.
  • Uses functional expertise to develop best practice.
  • Anticipates problems that can arise and think ahead to mitigate.
  • Identifies and sets priorities.
  • Manages expectations of others.
  • Goes the extra mile and strives for excellence
  • Can provide coaching and mentoring.